Share Dignity This Women's Month - Let's Put An End To Period Poverty And Keep Our Girls In School

Because every girl deserves an education. Period.

Period poverty is the lack of affordability or access to menstrual products and sanitary hygiene. The issue of menstrual hygiene can pose serious human rights concerns for schoolgirls in need. Research shows that period poverty can lead girls to miss anywhere between 10 - 20% of school days. UNICEF has estimated that roughly 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school because of their periods each year.

Education is a right, not a privilege. So is access to menstrual hygiene.

Menstruation is a normal and regular occurrence of the female reproductive cycle. It affects all women and girls differently. Yet in many instances, menstruation is known to have severe negative impact on the psychological health and learning ability of schoolgirls, because there is often a stigma or misconception associated with menstruation that it is “unclean.” This results in the exclusion of these girls from school, opportunities and community involvement.

Menstrual stigma can be exacerbated by the fact that impoverished girls, who come from lower income or rural communities, have limited resources available to access menstrual products and proper sanitary hygiene. As a result, not only does period poverty, period shame and misinformation about menstruation negatively impact their school attendance and quality of education, but it also affects their self-worth and dignity.

The Attacq Foundation Keep Our Girls In School #endperiodpoverty campaign aims to create awareness and support of sanitary dignity for schoolgirls. We believe the provision of sanitary products to girls in need will contribute to the improvement of their health, and ensure that they remain and progress in school.

We believe that this is one link in a chain that could lead to the completion of basic education for millions of schoolgirls, leading to further education and finally to employment.

Empowering the women of tomorrow will contribute to a reduction in poverty, which will ultimately contribute to the overall advancement of South African society.

Education enhances life and access to economic opportunities. It empowers women to make better life choices and ensures the fulfilment of their basic human rights.

Let’s share dignity this Women’s Month and put an end to period poverty — keeping our girls in school.

Because every girl deserves an education. Period.

All donations will be provided to the Imbumba Foundation, which strives to break the menstrual barrier to education by providing schoolgirls with sanitary products.

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